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In its music, Mustat silmät combines traditional Finnish music with Slavic melancholy, Romani-sounds and American rhythm and blues. Their live set consists of both original songs as well as old evergreens and cover songs which the band performs in its own, unique way.

Mustat silmät released their debut album ”Mustat silmät” in 2014.

The band has been performing since the early 2000 and venues have included everything from bars and clubs to private boats and outdoor venues, both in Finland and abroad. Depending on the situation, Mustat silmät either performs as a trio, a quartet or even a quintet.

Mustat Silmät

Jori Kalliola – vocals
Teemu Hokkanen – guitar
Olli Rautiainen – accordion and trumpet
Matti Vallius – double bass
Tero Kling – drums